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Update on Action Champlain to combat UCPR's decision - April 27, 2017

Action Champlain wishes to inform all residents of the Township of Champlain and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (CUPR) of the steps taken to combat the decision to approve the Amendment No. 30 of CUPR’s Official Plan, an amendment requested by Colacem Canada Inc. to enable it to construct a cement plant on land adjacent to its quarry on the Country Road # 17.

On February 21st, 2017, Action Champlain filed a Notice of Appeal with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  Action Champlain asked the OMB to invalidate the decision to approve the Amendment.  The arguments of Action Champlain can be summarized as follows:

1. The CUPR have not complied with the procedural requirements imposed by law.  In particular, prior to making a final decision, the UCPR was required to hold a public meeting to allow interested persons to express their views on the Amendment.  The meeting of October 17th, 2016, which was meant to be such a public meeting, was not a meeting of the municipal council (composed of eight mayors).  Only three of the eight members of the Counsel (CUPR's mayors) were present.  This meeting therefore does NOT meet the requirements of the law and the decision to approve the Amendment must therefore be cancelled.

2. In addition, the Amendment does not comply with the applicable land use planning principles. In particular, the proposed Colacem facility is too large for the subject land and will cause adverse effects or even damaging effect on the neighborhood that are not permitted under applicable laws and regulations.

Following the filing of the notice of appeal, and due to the procedural flaw raised by Action Champlain, CUPR announced a new public meeting will have to be held to discuss the proposed Amendment. THE DECISION OF JANUARY 25TH, 2017 IS THEREFORE NULL AND VOID AND THE MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF THE UCPR WILL HAVE TO VOTE AGAIN ON THE PROPOSAL OF COLACEM.

Action Champlain welcomes this first victory in its efforts to combat the proposal of Colacem.  It is also a victory for the failure to respect the will and interests of the residents of the Township of Champlain expressed by the CUPR by voting to adopt the Amendment.

A new public meeting will be held on Thursday May 18th, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Vankleek Hill Arena in order to allow more population.  All citizen are welcome to attend.  This is very important that all be present at the meeting

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News & meetings

A Big Thank you!

As you probably know, the hearings concluded December 18th, 2020.

During the past year, Action Champlain and our team of lawyers and experts have worked to update and consolidate the defense elements. We cannot give any details, for obvious reasons, but we can say that our preparation is solid and, as you already know, we have very good lawyers and experts in rural planning and other fields of expertise.

It must be said that, if we are in such a good position today, it is thanks to the strong mobilization of our community, to our unwavering desire not to see this cement project ruin our quality of life and our health, our environment and the future of our children. This extraordinary citizen mobilization involves more than a thousand signatures, thousands of hours devoted by each and every one to find out about the facts, to discuss the issues together and to express our opinions. Just think of the milestone launch of the No Cement Plant in L’Orignal by Action Champlain campaign, with 500 people at the L’Orignal church.

Support for our cause has also come from neighboring communities, on both sides of this jewel that we share, the Ottawa River: citizens, but also environmental defenders and many elected officials at the federal, provincial and municipal levels. There is also the invaluable contribution in services by local resources, citizens and businesses. Finally, it is the financial contribution of this large community, to the tune of $ 400,000, which allows us to cover the legal and expert fees for the defense of our cause.

Clearly, there is no social acceptability with regard to this L’Orignal cement plant project of which, should be remembered, goes against a number of policies, laws, guidelines, regulations, official plans, etc.

But the UCPR decided to ignore not only the massive rejection of the project expressed by the population within the framework of the public consultation, but also the decision of the Township of Champlain to refuse the project on its territory because it is incompatible with the existing zoning and contrary to its zoning by-law.

The announcement of this project and then this arbitrary decision caused a still tangible shock in the community, of course, but we remained strong and more than ever determined to uphold the Township of Champlain's decision to reject the project.

We can be proud of all that we have accomplished collectively and individually to protect the character and assets of this beautiful region where we have chosen to live.

A big thank you to all for your commitment and solidarity.

Action Champlain

LPAT audiences ended Dec 18th,2020

Updated December 18th, 2020

The hearings in front of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT, formerly known as OMB) took place November 9th to November 25th, with the exception of November 11th, then December 10,11,16,18th.

Dec 18th hearing will be available on YouTube probably till Dec 19th or later.

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This will give you the option to 2 new links - one to follow in English, one to follow in French. Suggest to look at French muted (it has full screen), and listen to English.


Chairperson Robinson can now take 3 months or more to render his decision, well informed. 

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