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Facts and studies




Cement Plant…Pollution/Emissions Risks

In the above article no emissions data for Canada

Diesel Fumes

Environmental Noise and Sleep Disturbances linked to Health Problems

Air pollution Produced by Cement Plants Contributes to Higher Cancer Rates

Health Risks Around Industrial Areas

Impacts of Cement Plant and Quarry Emissions on Agricuture and Soil…Dust and Particulate Emissions

Health Risks of Petcoke…Linked to Pulmonary Problems

The Environmental and Health Implications of Petcoke Energy Production (from ACADEMIA)

Particulate matter and Health

Cement Plant Risks to its Working Personel… Occupational Hazards… A Good Job?

Mercury releases from Cement Plants

Vanadium releases from Cement Plants

Government Regulations



News & meetings

Update on Action Champlain to combat UCPR's decision - April 27, 2017

Action Champlain wishes to inform all residents of the Township of Champlain and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell (CUPR) of the steps taken to combat the decision to approve the Amendment No. 30 of CUPR’s Official Plan, an amendment requested by Colacem Canada Inc. to enable it to construct a cement plant on land adjacent to its quarry on the Country Road # 17.

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